Saturday, May 28, 2011

Won't you be my neighbor?

My friend Spencer asked me to take some engagement photos of him and his future bride, Samantha. They're getting married today (hooray!) in the Lubbock LDS temple. And the funny thing is, there last name is Rogers, and they will (kind of) be our neighbors...get it? Do you get it? I'll also be taking photos of their reception -- so look out for those!

Check out their fun personalities:

Happy Wedding day you two!



{erisha} said...

these photos are simply gorgeous!!! i love weddings :D i really do, haha.

by the way, about my blog layout. i started off with a preset default blog template available under blogger (design). and then i just tweaked it from there :)

Hannah said...

Thanks, Erisha! I'm anxious to get started on their wedding photos...we were pressed for time the day of so hopefully some of them turned out alright! Once they are back from their honeymoon we're going to get them dressed up again and take some more portraits of just the two of them. I'm excited!

How did you tweak it? With html?

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