Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camp, part 3 - flower headbands

Tonight with my girls camp girls we made flower headbands. I prepped as much as I could before hand so all they had to do was glue flowers to headbands and add bling to their little hearts' desire. They seemed to really enjoy making them, and we are all excited to sport them -- during camp, at least.

BriAnna, Dysteny and Angela. Don't worry...they're mostly normal.

BriAnna and Angela.

I made all the flowers for their headbands before our craft night, and I made a variety of sizes in turquoise and off-white tulle. For the braided headbands I pre-cut yard-length jersey material.

What I used:
-tulle -- I bought a yard of each color, and made about 40  in 4 different sizes.
-jersey -- for the braided headbands
-stretchy headbands and/or plastic headbands OR hair clips
-hot glue gun
-fabric scissors
-paper for templates

For the flowers...

1. First step is to draw an easy-peasy flower shape on a piece of paper. Cut it out and use as template for tulle petals. I doubled my tulle before I cut. Each "petal" has two layers. Cut out 5 "petals" for a complete flower.

One "petal". Two layers. You can see the paper template in the back.

2. Fold petal in half and then in half again. Pin in place.

First fold...and second fold.

3. Each flower has 5 "petals." Here are two sets of petals pinned and ready to be sewn.

4. Thread your needle through the pointed part of the folded up petal so that the needle goes through the needle twice. Repeat process for rest of petals.

 One petal...all 5 petals.

5. Thread your needle back through the first petal to make a loop out of the flowers.

6. Bunch the petals together, push your needle through the whole bunch and tie a knot. Do it again a few more times from different angles to help secure the whole flower.

7. So I forgot to take a photo of a flower by itself...but here are several flowers on a stretchy headband, complete with some bling-bling.

Large flower with rhinestone on the left...smaller flower with beads to the right. 


 a blue one.

 8. I glued the flowers to the headband as well as to a piece of felt on the back to help stabilize the whole thing.
Here's the backs.

For the jersey headbands...

1. I measured three-inch sections of the fabric, marking off where each inch was with a sharpie. I then cut out the three inch section. The inch portions I cut the fabric to almost the end.

2. Braid away! To make it a headband, I measured the braided portion against my head, sewed it to the size I wanted, and then cut off the ends. Remember the fabric stretches and you'll want your headband a little tight! Some of my girls just tied their ends together so you don't HAVE to sew.

 Easy peasy!

Happy crafting!


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