Monday, June 20, 2011


Yesterday I sat with 3-year-old, Mia, during church. We drew in the back of my Sunday school class manual to pass the time. I ripped out the pages because I thought they were too cute not to share.

The little figure in the top right corner is me. I'm even wearing a dress -- but I helped with that part. The bigger figure in the bottom left corner is our friend, the "Tongan Terror," Charlie Malolo. Mia sat to the left of Charlie and looked up at him like she was slightly scared when I told her she should draw him. The figure with the spiky hair next to Charlie is Nathaniel. Mia needed some creative inspiration to draw Nathaniel's hair...that's what the little hash marks in the top right corner are. I'm not sure what the giant blob in the center of the paper is.

That weird thing in the top left corner is my attempt at an impromptu cow. Lame, I know. Then she wanted to draw birds...some of them are mine, hers, or a combination of both of ours. Then she requested a dragon.

But after I drew the first dragon, she naturally thought it should have a family. "Mom," "baby," "brother," and "dad" dragon were created after that. Then we tried writing her name.

Then ladybugs, a ladybug family, flowers, clouds, suns, storm clouds...and a friendly giant, of course.

And some frustrated attempts at butterflies. I think this was her least favorite to draw.



JUST ME said...

I like how kids always draw people with giant heads.

What is WITH that?

Rachel Ure said...

love the back story to the pictures. thanks for posting

Hannah said...

@Just Me -- I think kids see things in their most simple forms! So the mass of your head/torso is just one big object or circle. Pretty brilliant when you really think about it. Abstract art at it's best!

@Rachel -- of course!

Carrymel said...

This is so cute! that dragon's actually really good :) check you out lol.

found you on 20sb, btw!

Hannah said...

Thanks, Carrymel!

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