Saturday, June 18, 2011

Camp, part 4 -- Day 1

Dance party! Cassie has the camera, Angela and Dysteny are in the back.

Tuesday morning we loaded up the car for camp*. The girls spent most of the drive sleeping, but once we hit New Mexico I woke them all up by yelling that we had crossed the border. Naturally, we had to have a dance party -- three little Mexican girls and a white lady dancing in the car on the way to a Christian over-night girls camp. Classic.

We stopped for lunch, and I asked the girls who had been to camp what camp was like. I asked if the showers were communal or if they had stalls. Cassie immediately yelped that if they were communal showers, she'd rather just stink the whole week! Nudity = yucky! 12 year-olds crack me up.

Around 1 o'clock we pulled up to camp, found our cabin and dropped off our luggage. Both campers and leaders alike confused me as a camper as we wandered around the camp, and it cracked me up every time. We spent the rest of the evening orienting ourselves to camp, and finished the night up by star gazing. The girls "learned" where Polaris was, and how to determine directions by the star. By "learn" I mean they giggled over their instructions, while huddling together trying to ignore the cold.

When bedtime rolled around, we pushed all our bunk beds together so we could all sleep right next to each other on the top bunk. Curled up next to each other in our sleeping bags, we told stories and laughed. Of course, the girls noticed a spider right above our heads and begged and pleaded for me to either squish it or take it outside. I ignored the spider and we talked about having an eternal perspective and not sweating the small stuff -- like spiders. The girls teased me for my words of wisdom.



Keep your peepers peeled for day 2 and 3!

*If you're not familiar with the LDS religion, all of our clergy are not paid, and all leadership positions, be it a teacher or camp director, is voluntary based and we believe we are called by God. And "girls camp," is just that...a summer camp for girls ages 12 to 18. The purpose of camp is to draw closer to God, appreciate and feel reverence for nature, become more self-reliant, develop leadership skills, respect and protect the environment, serve others, build friendships, enjoy camping and having fun.

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