Monday, December 15, 2014

On Joy and Sunshine (Month Four)

 Oh, this girl just fills up my whole soul with that grin. She's become a mover and shaker. She rolls around everywhere when we lay her on the ground. In no time she'll be rolling from back to belly! She gnaws on everything in sight and drools like mad. I think teeth are around the corner! 


I can't believe another month of your life is gone in a flash. Month four gives me pause because it means we're a third of a way through your first year. Every day I watch in wonder as I see you learn and transform before my eyes. While part of me is eager to witness you flourishing, the other part of me already aches to have my petite 7-pound baby back. I totally understand why people go through this transformative experience called motherhood more than once.

Perhaps the most exciting development this month has been you discovering how to giggle. The first time you did it caught me off guard and made me laugh in return. You should have seen me the next few days. I tried every antic to hear your charming little laugh again to no avail. I can't say I was above begging, but not even that worked. Sadly — for me — you don't perform on command. But soon enough just my face was enough to send you into hysterics. Of course, that left your dad no option besides to say I'm funny looking. Thanks, Mercy.

Your life is blissfully simple right now. And I imagine — and hope — for years you will have very little concerns in life. They say ignorance is bliss. And I suppose it could be argued that it's easy to be happy when you're innocently unaware of life's trials and heartaches. But for now, joy comes easily and simply for you. Hold on to your joy. Fight for it. It does not always come easily, for most. It is easy to be happy when things are easy. But there is peace in being joyful and grateful in all circumstances.

I hope the simple things in life always fill you with reverence, wonder and gratitude for your Creator. I hope you find the magic in day-to-day living and soul-filling joy in your relationships with others. I pray you always remember that life is beautiful and "men are, that they might have joy." (2 Nephi 2:25)

I know it's cliche, but you are my sunshine. You make me smile and laugh almost constantly. I hope you'll always be willing to share that joy wherever you may go. Keep shining, baby girl.


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Sherms said...

I looked at these pictures and even I was amazed at how much she looks like a little person with her own thoughts and personality and emotions. I love these pictures! And am so glad to hear you're enjoying motherhood!

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