Thursday, August 18, 2011

Classic Apartment Living

I love our hot tub.

Apartment living is definitely something special. If you haven't experienced it, you're missing out. Yesterday a chunk of our ceiling fell out and started dripping water. We also went to do our laundry for the first time. After a few dollars and hours in the apartment's laundry room, we discovered their driers don't work very well. It resulted in three loads of laundry sprinkled around our tiny apartment -- which was mostly just funny. This morning our water wasn't running (due to an emergency, the office said). Have I mentioned our "ooooh yeah," neighbors?...I'll let you use your imagination on that one.

*Sigh*...good times.

What's your best apartment-living story?



Hannah said...

That hot tub is hilarious!

I don't have any really funny stories, but our last apartment reeked of cigarettes (previous tenant was a smoker), so we constantly experimented with various air fresheners and loads and loads of candles. The best method we found was a tiny pot of scented oil with a candle beneath.

But we burnt so many candles ALL the time that it truly is a wonder we didn't burn the place down!

Amanda C. said...

Just think of it as character building. I lived in an apartment once that had a maintenance guy that wore shin guards and knee socks all the time. It was weird.

Think of it this way. You will never have to worry about how sanitary that hot tub is. :)

Hannah said...

Hannah, my mom used to tell me stories about the things her and my dad did when they were first married. Like having my brother's crib in their walk in closet. I used to think it was silly and desperate, and now I just think it's brilliant! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Amanda, you are SO right! At least it makes things entertaining, right?! And yes...I NEVER worry about yucky hot tubs, haha!

Tina Golightly said...

HAHAHAH That hot tub is hilarious!

...I really hope you don't drown in it. :/

I have never lived in an apartment before, and I just moved here two days ago. One of the first things my boyfriend reminded me of was that there are people on either side of our walls. It made me get a bit claustrophobic...or whatever the fear of no privacy phobia term is. Best of luck to you and your neighbors! They sound like fun. :p

Sherms said...

Ouch! It doesn't sound fun. I have no comments to make because I've only lived out of my parental home once. The huband and I were living in a shady apartment block but apart from the lifts sometimes choosing not to work, it wasn't so bad.

I do think that you should just view it as an adventure you can tell your kids about one day xx

Hannah said...

Tina, I will try my best not to die in the hot tub! That would be a real shame! :P Nathaniel reminds me ALL the time that other people can possibly hear us...privacy isn't quite like it used to be when we lived in a house! But hey, what can ya do! It definitely makes things interesting!

Shermeen, it's definitely an adventure, and that's exactly what I'm trying to do. My mom used to tell me stories all the time, and I used to think she was semi-joking...but now I realize she was being for real! It just makes later years of marriage all the better!

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