Friday, August 12, 2011

Kourt + Alden = Forever

Once upon a time Kourtney was single. And around the same time Nathaniel and I were getting ready to get married. We reassured Kourt that if she came to Lubbock, we knew a boy that would ask her out in the snap of a finger. She laughed. Six months later we reassured her of the same thing, but she still didn't take us seriously. Soon after Nathaniel and I were married, Alden was at our house, flipping through the contacts on my phone looking for any girl names, then looking up their pictures on Facebook. If they were cute, he'd send them a text from my phone. Kourt texted back. Long story short, Kourt eventually moved to Lubbock, became our roommate, and Alden and her decided to get married.

A year after our second attempt of convincing her to come to Lubbock to meet the love of her life, Mom, Nathaniel, Grandma, Grandad and I, found ourselves spending a day decorating for her and Alden's wedding reception. Funny how life works, eh?

The theme was kind of outdoor/patio/bird-esque...and purple and yellow were the colors. This is what we came up with! 1. Lights and lanterns Nathaniel worked all day to hang. 2. A vintage door as the gift table. A clothes line with photos and birds behind it. 3. Center pieces. 4. Guest book table.

The love birds were married in the LDS Oakland Temple on August 6th, which is beautiful in and of itself, but the weather was wonderful to match!

The LDS Oakland Temple. My parents were married here, too!

I did Kourt's hair and make-up the morning of, and she was as cool as a cucumber.

 The gorgeous bride...she made my job easy. BTW, her hair was really simple...swear.

The temple ceremony is intimate and simple, and my favorite part is there is no "till death do us part." We believe that we are married for eternity, and that marital and family relationships we make here can be bound in heaven. The couple leans over an alter, holding hands, and instead of saying "I do" couples simply say "yes." Alden was leaning so far over, a big grin on his face, he looked like he might fall over. Kourt said "yes" twice. They sure seemed in to each other.

Since the ceremony is only open to a few close friends and family members, the Mormon equivalent of walking down the aisle and "you may kiss the bride," is the exit out of the temple. All the temple ceremony guests and any other friends and family wait outside for the couple to make their exit. There are a million cameras snapping photos, and of course applause and cheering.

You can read more about the LDS perspective of families, temples and marriage herehere and here.

Kourt and Alden right after they made their exit as "man and wife."

The boys outside the temple doors. Nathaniel and Alden have been friends since before either of them met their wives. Lucky Alden gets to be stuck with us forever now, too!

A picture from the parking lot across the street. And another on top of the temple, overlooking the bay area.

We're all one big happy family now!



Sherms said...

Hannah! This is so wonderful! How romantic. I'm glad that you're all officially connected as family. And many, many congrats to Kourt. She looks just radiant. Wishing them both a life time of happiness xx

Hannah said...

Thanks, Shermeen! It's definitely fun for us, and they seem to be very happy!

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