Tuesday, October 26, 2010

139 days -- love & photography

I was excited to look in the mailbox yesterday and see our wedding photographer had sent us a "gift" -- a CD with the full-sized images from our wedding.

As much as I like my photos (because after all, it was our wedding day -- the beginning of a wonderful adventure) I was disappointed in them. I had expected something totally different. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't cry when I saw them -- I totally did. Like a big baby. And every time someone asked to see photos after that I got all blubbery about it again. My photos did not turn out how I wanted them. However, the photos sufficiently documented the day. As much as I strongly recommend others to invest in photography (let alone wedding day photography), I had to remind myself it was only physical. What mattered most was that we were married -- and besides, how often would I really be looking at my wedding photos (besides right now -- of course)?

What do you think about investing in photography? Is it worth it? How do you feel about your wedding day photography -- love or hate? Regrets? What expectations do you have for a professional photographer? (Answer me people! :) )

With that being said...here's some of my favorites:

Coming out of the temple doors.
Outside the Sacramento Temple
Some of the fam.
The whole gang that showed up to the temple -- I was so shocked to see so many smiling faces when we walked out the doors. I'm sad this picture isn't better.

To my sweet Nathaniel, for the sake of the 139 days since then:

I promise...

 -Forever will be an adventure as long as you're by my side

 -To embarrass you from time to time with public proclamations of affection (like this one)

 -That impromptu chocolate chip cookies and love letters will appear frequently throughout the years

 -Even when my lips are old and wrinkly, I'll still smoother you in kiss attacks

 -I'll always laugh at your ridiculous jokes, and melt at the sight of your brown eyes

 -I'll keep cooking us animal pancakes for dinner, if they keep putting a smile on your face

But above everything, I promise yesterday will always be the day I love you the least.

I you.



Sherms said...

Aw, that's a sweet post. I'm sorry your pictures aren't what you expected, I've read that it's really important to find a photographer who you really connect with. Our wedding was just a small family affair, so a large chunk of our pictures are what guests too. Which is great because they've captured things that aren't just the usual traditional pics. That being said, my dad is an ex-professional photographer, so he took wonderful pictures and put them in a beautiful album for us. The only thing I don't like is that I didn't loose weight for my wedding, one day I'm gonna show my kids our wedding pictures and I'm gonna be fat! We hoped to have a religious ceremony in a few years (we went the civil ceremony route) and by then I want to loose weight!
Your pictures are lovely, ideally they're just supposed to remind you of how wonderful the day was xx

tclark430 said...

Well--I haven´t yet had my wedding photography, lol...BUT I can say that yes, I plan on meeting with at least a few before hiring one, and having them bring samples. I´m sure the good ones would have extensive portfolios. Because you are busy celebrating the whole day...it´s the photographers job to capture photos that are timeless, and classic...many of which you didn´t even see them take yanno?
So sorry you´re not happy with yours, it really is a shame, but you´re right in that it is only a material thing, not the most important. And I agree, that pic outside the temple could have been wonderful! Too bad it didn´t turn out that way, but you have that memory of seeing everyone outside the temple!
lol and I love the note at the bottom, and I love you!

Hannah said...

Shermeen -- exactly! They do remind me of the day perfectly...so lots of wonderful memories!

Tay -- shopping for a photographer you like is a WAY good idea. I just plan on taking some really fun family pictures some day! And at least I love our engagement photos!

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