Friday, October 15, 2010



-Yesterday Nathaniel and I babysat for a family we go to church with. Their children are adorable and not to mention hilarious. We cuddled and watched Finding Nemo. Their funny comments and sweet hugs just about melted my heart. I'm such a sucker.

-I actually got to spend some time with Nathaniel yesterday -- a rarity, I assure you.

-I won a blog contest from the Vintage Pearl. Their jewelry is I'm pretty excited to get to have some of my own!

-We get to witness two different baptisms on Saturday -- one in Spanish and one in English. The Savior's love is universal and transcends culture...I think that's amazing.

-I have a job (that drives me crazy at times) where I actually get to develop my talent -- not just flip burgers.

-My best friend, Tay, called me all the way from Spain. I ♥ her.

     AND she sent me love from Spain:

-My body is mostly healthy.

-I feel peace in my life on a day-to-day basis.



My mom, too! Because she proof-reads/edits my blogs for me. Well, among the many other things she does. Love you!

Anyone notice Nemo was mentioned twice in this post? Have I mentioned how much I love Finding Nemo? Because I do.


Sherms said...

Those are really good things to feel thankful and blessed for. If you're anything like me, babysitting always makes me broody! Cause the kids are always so adorable and sweet and see the world in this freshingly childlike way that we've long forgotten about!
My job doesn't let me develop my talent, that's why I cut down to part time and went back to school. But boy is it hard financially, praying it will all work out though xx

Hannah said...

That's EXACTLY how I feel after I babysit, haha!!

What do you do for work? And prayer works wonders :)

alyssa said...

You won from the vintage pearl?! Lucky duck.

Hannah said...

I know! I was so shocked/WAY excited! What should I get?! I love there new lovebirds necklace!

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