Friday, October 1, 2010


I attended a religious studies class today at the LDS Institute of Religion. Every Friday we eat lunch and watch an old conference talk and then discuss the talk after -- have I mentioned conference is this weekend, that you can watch it on TV or on-line and that I'm so excited? Because I am.

Today we watched Elder Uchtdorf's Continue in Patience. Boy was amazing.

I mean, come on -- look at my notes:

Elder Uchtdorf taught about patience. More specifically, Elder Uchtdorf taught that patience goes hand-in-hand with hope, faith, obedience and an eternal perspective. He said this:

"Often the deep valleys of our present will be understood only by looking back on them from the mountains of our future experience. Often we can't see the Lord's hand in our lives until long after trials have passed. Often the most difficult times of our lives are essential building blocks that form the foundation of our character and pave the way to future opportunity, understanding and happiness."

I thought of my sprained ankle going on three months. And even though I try my best not to complain about it too much, I suddenly had a renewed sense of hope and faith -- an understanding that patience and trust in the Lord is essential. I understood that eventually I would climb that peak and I would marvel at what the Lord had done.

And then he summed up everything I was feeling -- about how patience is really much more than passively waiting for the moment to pass:

"My dear brethren, the work of patience boils down to this: keep the commandments; trust in God, our Heavenly Father; serve Him with meekness and Christlike love; exercise faith and hope in the Savior; and never give up. The lessons we learn from patience will cultivate our character, lift our lives, and heighten our happiness. They will help us to become worthy priesthood bearers and faithful disciple of our Master, Jesus Christ."

In the future when I'm feeling anything but faithful and patient, hopefully I'll turn around and see the many valleys I have already crossed.


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