Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ms. Jakubik

I had an art teacher in high school who encouraged me to pursue art in my upper education.

I won't lie -- I laughed at her. I thought that was a little ridiculous. What in the world was I going to do with art? Mind you, I was 17.

And even though she compared my drawings to M.C. Escher's, I couldn't help but think art was a dead end.

So as a slightly more humbled 21-year-old with a little larger understanding of real-world applications, I decided to e-mail Ms. Jakubik to express my appreciation for believing in a snot-faced teenager like myself.

This was her reply:

Of course I remember you! I still show students examples of your work to inspire them.
You were a fantastic student to have in class and it was a pleasure to know you.
Thank you for taking the time to let me know how you are doing and for sending your appreciation. That made my week! Maybe my month!
Your work looks wonderful. I love the Escher inspired self-portrait and all the other work, too.
It is exciting to see how your artwork has grown and developed. I will look for updates to see how you progress. I will show all my students your work this Friday, during our Amazing Artist that I do. Thanks.
My best to you always,
Ms. Jakubik

I'm an "Amazing Artist"? For some reason, even though I know most of the teenagers in her class will be half asleep when she shows them my "amazing artist" still makes me smile. Especially because I didn't expect to get a reply to my e-mail in the first place!

Pastel drawing I did in Jakubik's class my senior year of high school.

And what'd I tell you about M.C. Escher?


My version on the left with Botticelli's Venus, and M.C. Escher's on the right.


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