Monday, December 26, 2011

Simple Christmas

This Christmas was simple and perfect. We had no plans besides the two of us and our apartment. We slept in, we cooked breakfast, we danced to Frank Sinatra Christmas in the kitchen, went to church, cooked dinner and then played games at a friend's house.

Simple. Peaceful. And clear-full of the Christmas Spirit of generosity, gratitude and joy.

 Our dinner. Mashed potatoes, giant dinner roles, breaded pork chops and steamed asparagus. Delicious.

 Merry Christmas!



Liesl said...

It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! No need for all the bells and whistles, really.

The Boyfriend and I also danced to Christmas songs... oh wait, it might have been a Celine Dion song! (Don't tell anyone!!)

Mila said...

Very beautiful!
I tagged you over on my blog :)

Happy holidays.

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