Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Temple Square in December

While I was in Utah for Hilary's wedding, we — me, my parents, my grandparents and Uncle Kent — headed to Temple Square to enjoy the Christmas lights.

Grandad, Mom, Grandma and me...posing.

But this is how it really happens. Thanks to my dad for the brilliant photojournalism.

Company was good. The weather was freezing. The spirit was lovely. All-in-all a wonderful evening. 

Me and Grandad wandered arm-in-arm and chatted about random things — like our gift for Hilary. Grandad wrote a poem, and I painted an illustration to go along with it. It was really lovely ... I'll have to show you. I told Grandad he should keep writing. He wasn't so convinced.

At one point, we all wandered into the Mormon Tabernacle, where it was warm. Once we got inside, we were told we could get standby tickets to see the Mormon Tabernacle perform in the Conference Center. Turns out, we got lucky.

And I'm glad we did. It was unbelievably breathtaking.

So good, in fact, we went again...and loved every bit of it!


Before Temple Square, we went to dinner with my uncle Kent and my cousin Ryker. We hit up a Chinese joint. This was the sign on the door:

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