Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hilary's Art

Just before Hilary's wedding, Grandad sent me an email and pitched an idea to create a special wedding gift for Hilary. He had written a poem especially for her, and wanted me to create some art to go with it.

I couldn't say no.

This is what I came up with. I used ink.

I carried the frame with me on the plane to Salt Lake. I was so excited to show my parents and grandparents — but especially Grandad. After wandering temple square, I insisted we head back to the car so I could show Grandad my painting before I wrapped it up.

Grasping my painting, Grandad stood staring at our creation. His eyes filled with tears, and he put his arm around me and told me how wonderful it was. He laughed, looked at me and told me if Hilary didn't like it, she was disowned.

The next day was the wedding. The temple sealing was tender and emotional. I think we all cried. We all squeezed on Hilary and Taylor before heading to the front of the temple. As boutineers were being passed out, Grandad hurried over to me to see if I had seen the flowers. They were lilies. Just like my painting. A pure coincidence.

And then as fate would have it, Grandad told me his favorite hymn is "Consider the Lilies."

When we got to Hilary's reception, Grandad and I anxiously waited for the bride and groom to arrive. Almost as soon as Hilary walked in the door, Grandad was pulling her aside, insisting she open our gift right away.

It was wonderful to share this moment with Grandad and Hilary.


Here's the poem in full:


The twig
From sturdy stalk
Comes forth.
And faintly, through the mist of doubt
At first you see
The bud, then
The leaf, and finally
The flower.

As the Son of Light
Reveals for all to see,
You will know
What you were,
Who you are,
And the fruit you are to be.

For Hilary from Grandad Hurst
Nov 08, 2011

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