Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oklahoma Ice Skating and Festival of Light

I received free tickets to the Norman Outdoor Holiday Ice Rink from work, so Nathaniel and I headed out Tuesday afternoon to give our ice-legs a chance. Neither of us had skated since high school so it was definitely an interesting experience.

I'd be lying if I told you I didn't hold on to the wall most of the time, but Nathaniel skated like an almost-pro. We enjoyed it for the most part, but all the kids skating the wrong direction or cutting in front of us was...less than enjoyable.

After Nathaniel's knees took a direct hit into the ice when a kid zoomed in front of him, we called it a day.

 On the ice.

We took a break at home before heading out to the Chickasha Festival of Lights.

 It was beautiful.

 I guess a few days before we were there, there was a live nativity scene. And although there wasn't a live nativity, they did still have sheep, cows and camels! They had quarter machines to get food to feed the animals. Unless you had food in your hand, the animals didn't want much to do with the onlookers.

 Feeding sheep. And camels!



Haley Marie said...

Very cool!! I went to the light festival a couple weeks ago and LOVED it!! It's gorgeous!

I live in Norman and I wanted to try the ice skating but never got a chance. Glad you two had some fun though. :)

Hannah said...

It's so pretty isn't it?! Girl, its still open...pretty cheap, too, you could still go! I live in Norman, too! How long have you lived here?

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