Friday, January 27, 2012

Chocolate: Behind the Scenes

Norman has a most lovely tradition called the Chocolate Festival. It's an arts fundraiser for the Norman Firehouse Art Center. A bunch of vendors gather and show off their favorite chocolate confections — it's really quite fabulous.

Since we give the event coverage every year, we decided we needed to do something a little different this time around — we wanted the "science" behind chocolate. I started to scour the Internet looking for a chocolatier that lives in Norman, or at least near Norman. Thankfully, we found one.

Andrew is a chocolatiere by every sense of the word — he loves chocolate more than just about anyone (well, maybe, except for Grandad.) He let me sit with him in his shop, and he told me the ins and outs of chocolate — the history of chocolate, how the famous dessert developed, what makes good chocolate, what good chocolate should visually look like, the texture of good chocolate on the palate, how white chocolate isn't really chocolate, and on and on. It was really quite fascinating. Plus, he educated me with some of his best chocolate samples...can't really complain about that.

One of my favorite things about my job is learning about people — who they are, how they spend their life, how they view the world, what makes them happy, what motivates them, etc. Andrew was a fun one to learn about. To me, the idea of being a chocolatiere just seems so fantastial...but for Andrew, it's reality.

Read the story here.


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