Friday, May 10, 2013

Smoothies with Molly

More often than not in my line of work I am peppered with belittling or nasty emails pointing out my flaws. Occasionally, someone sends a complimentary email that just brightens my day. Molly Levite Griffis is one of those people.

As an award-winning author and lifelong Oklahoma resident, Molly is a bit of a Norman institution. Of course, I didn't realize this when she sent me this email:
While I'm not sure it's kosher to make a verb out of "muse", I'll do it anyway since I think the alliteration of "Molly's...muse" is fun on my tongue.  I'm "shouting out" praise for the new /N Town/! Not only do you have beautiful penmanship (That /is/ your real signature, isn't it?) but you also know who Virginia Woolf is/was and are a hell of a writer, a rare combination today! 
We must meet before long and exchange book list among other things.  I live just up the road from Hunter and Amber Roth...mine is the yard where Abe Lincoln lives...corner of Ponca and Ferrill. 
You are busier than I so check your calendar, give me a call, and I'll whip up some smoothies... 
Congratulation on a stellar job! 
Molly Levite Griffis 
you can come, too, Andy!"
I'm not one to accept smoothies from just any ol' stranger, but with my editor Andy's assurances that Molly was not only perfectly harmless but an absolute hoot to be around, I quickly emailed Molly my thanks and set up our smoothie date.

A few days later I headed to her house — yes, the one with the Abe Lincoln wooden sculpture in front. As promised, Molly made smoothies and we chatted along with another neighbor she had invited over about general life topics like growing up, jobs and families. Molly is a sassy old lady and was constantly cracking me up. She told me she tells people she's significantly older than she is just so she can hear them say "Oh, but you look so good for being 82." Of course, it doesn't hurt that she out and out told me she thought my former editor was a grouch of a woman. Amen to that, Molly!

Molly started what she calls the "Hard Hat Society." It's a group of her and some of her retired journalism girlfriends. They all bring their lunches to Molly's once a month to "bitch about whatever they want to bitch about." The name takes its cues from another famous women's group — the Red Hat Society. Only this bunch of ladies is no frills, no nonsense. Exactly how I like 'em. Molly invited me to tag along for one of the next get doubt, I will!



Among my favorite of Molly's stories was a little ditty she told me about her grandson who lives abroad with his parents. When they come to Oklahoma the family frequently has to leave behind clothing, souvenirs, toys, etc., because they can't all be brought back on the plane. Molly said she watched her own son train her grandson while they were packing on what to leave behind at Grandma's by saying "We're done with that now. We'll be back later." When Molly dropped the family off at the airport she said she couldn't help but cry. Her grandson gave her a hug, pulled back from her and said "I'm done with you now, Grandma," and walked off.

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