Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Disneyland and San Diego Zoo 2013

The day after we arrived in San Diego for Taylor's wedding we headed to the San Diego Zoo. The weather was lovely and it wasn't terribly busy — it was perfect! We both had a blast seeing the animals and just being together.

At the zoo.

We spent Monday morning helping Taylor with wedding errands, and by dinner time we met up with my parents in Anaheim. We woke up nice and early Tuesday morning to spend the day in Disneyland — one of all of our favorite places!

On one of the new rides in California Adventure's Car Land.

With my momma waiting for the train in Disneyland.

About to ride the Matterhorn.

On Storybook Land Canal Boats

That's Dumbo flying in the middle of the fireworks!

This picture describes the four of us perfectly!

Disneyland was a blast as usual. It's extra fun when you have great company! :)


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