Friday, June 21, 2013

24th Birthday

For my 24th birthday I took the day off and spent the day with my sweet college friend, Laura, and Nathaniel. We of course spent plenty of time visiting and enjoying great food, in between seeing "Monsters University" and wandering Bricktown. It was a beautiful and relaxing day. I'm grateful for Laura's friendship and feel blessed to have her in my life. Thanks for making my day so great, Laura!

In Bricktown

In Bricktown

In Bricktown

We took a boat ride on the canal and the tour guide had everyone sing Happy Birthday to me. Made me smile!

At the movie theatre, on the balcony.

So fun! Enjoying our ice cream before watching Monsters.

We went to Bolero Spanish Grill and Tapas Bar for was really yummy!


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