Saturday, June 25, 2011

Birthday, Birthday

One of my favorite things about my birthday ever since I could remember was the actual date -- June 21. For a kid who could live in the water, having the most amount of daylight for your birthday aka the summer solstice, seemed like a dream come true. Then add on top of that the fact that I had six months between my birthday and Christmas -- it was perfect! And to make it even cooler, my half birthday was my grandma's birthday, which was the winter solstice.

Though none of my best friends share my exact birth date, my mom's was two days before mine and one of my best friends, Dana, has hers two days after mine. That means I had two of the coolest people to celebrate with.

Then I met Nathaniel, and he was cool enough to share a birthday with Dana. I love that we get to celebrate each other at the same time!

Unfortunately, Nathaniel worked on my birthday this year, but thankfully, my friend, Rachel took care of me. Rachel, and her husband Russell, fed me dinner and then sang a "beautiful" rendition of happy birthday -- it was touching, really.

My cake!

Nathaniel didn't work Thursday so we spent the day celebrating with his family -- simple, just the way we like it!

At lunch with Nathaniel's sister Rebecca and our nephew, Ethan.

Oh, and I saw another person crossing the street at a place he probably shouldn't have...but this time, I got pictures:

Some people's children...good golly. And if you can't see that very's a man in a wheelchair in the middle of traffic.

Happy (late) birthday to Dana and Nathaniel!



L!$@ said...

Cute nephew! But what's with the random on the road??!! Crazy.

Hannah said...

Thank you! We were driving around on my husband's birthday and drove by that guy...I don't know what's up with Lubbock and pedestrians thinking it's okay to cross the streets in random places. This guy was in a wheelchair...but a few months ago I saw a one-legged man on crutches do the same thing!

Kitty said...

I actually had to take a double-look to make sure my eyes were not dicieving me with that wheelchair-bound person crossing the road....some people do not have fear. LOL

Cute pictures! That cake looks divine. YUM!

Hannah said...

I know, right?! I was so glad I had my camera on hand to capture it!

It was!

Faith said...

I cringe when I see people crossing where they shouldn't, it's definitely a pet peeve of mine! Up there with people riding their bicycles around without helmets. Helmets are important, guys!

Hannah said...

Faith, I definitely agree!! My brother got in a motorcycle wreck and if he hadn't had his helmet he'd be a gonner. It's interesting how people are so willing to gamble with their lives over silly, silly things!

Sherms said...

Oh my goodnes, who does that!!! People have no sense of road safety.

Happy Birthday! I love having my birthday on June 21st and I've met a lot of people who have the same birthday as us. The lucky ones. I always boast that its also Prince Williams birthday! xx

Hannah said...

I know, it was pure craziness!!

And thank you! Happy birthday to you, too. How fun to share a birthday with royalty...another reason why OUR birthday is seriously the BEST!

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