Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bird Cage Silhouettes

Kourt's reception will be all about birds -- love birds, bird cages, bird houses, bird baths, bird seed, nature-y things, etc. The only problem is some of those things (like metal bird cages) can be a tiny bit pricey. So for her shower, I came up with the cheaper version: paper silhouettes.

The bird cage silhouettes hanging above the dessert table.

I loved how they turned out -- soft and feminine but still quirky and modern. I would even contemplate making a batch in a different color -- maybe shades of black, grey and white, to incorporate into decorations into my house. A friend of mine told me she thinks these would be cool if I made them with a sticky decal film for wall decorations...what do you think? Would you hang these in your house? Maybe put them on your wall? Any other ideas?

 Kourt's shower table set-up. The guests at the shower -- Kourt is the pretty lady in the middle!



Jess said...

That is adorable. What a great way to add some creativity. You did such a great job on her shower.

Sherms said...

They are so pretty! And I hate birds!

And btw I love the mirror(?) in the background with your names on it. Did you make that?
+ you ladies look great!

Sherms xx

Hannah said...

Thank you, ladies!

Shermeen, that's actually an antique window. My mom's best friend made it for us for our wedding reception! I have a picture from the reception...maybe I'll post it one of these days!

Jess Cole said...

That looks amazing! Love it!

basia said...

Wow, I love these. They're so pretty and creative. I would have NEVER thought of that! Your friend is lucky. I think they would look amazing in black/gray/white as decorations..Thanks for the inspiration!

Hannah said...

@Jess -- thanks!!

@Basia -- thank you! They really are so easy. I guess the hardest part is drawing them. After that it's just whether or not you can cut them out without tearing the paper, haha! I've been thinking about making them to sell...would you buy them if that were an option?

Faith said...

Those are prettier than wire ones would have been! So creative and gorgeous, and unique for her shower which makes it more perfect! Good job!

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