Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

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If you haven't heard of Occupy Wall Street -- it's about time you do:

With the United States' overall unemployment rate at 9.1 percent, I don't think I can blame the general unrest among "the 99%," as these protestors, referencing the one percent in the country who hold all the wealth, refer to themselves as.

While I definitely think there is room for individual change, like living within our financial means, there's still something to be said about the state of our nation's economy and great lack of jobs.

And although the Occupy Wall Street protestors have not yet established a definitive goal, there is one reoccurring theme from the protestors that cuts too close to home: I have a college degree and can't find a reasonable job.

Maybe this has something to do with it:
Unemployment rates per state according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as of Sep. 28, 2011: Nevada: 13.4%; California: 12.1%; Michigan: 11.2%; Texas: 8.5%; New York: 8%; Oklahoma: 5.6%; North Dakota: 3.5%

Although I'm not anti-corporation and I can't find a single entity or person to blame our country's mess on -- it's evident it's time for a change.

What kind of change? I'm not quite sure. What do you think?


You can read more here, or check out their Facebook.


Torrie said...

I have been reading about this online a lot & cannot agree more. I saw a photo on CNN of a man who held a sign that said, "grad degree from harvard, 3 postdocs, will work for food." Sums up what is happening & it's almost as if we are so deep in this hole that no one knows how to get out, no one even knows where to start. i hope this protest ignites something in the minds of those who are in control.

Shaneiferd said...

I think Occupy Wall Street is amazing. Even if no permanent change comes from this movement, voices are being heard and they will not be forgotten. It's the first crack in a cement foundation which has suppressed this country for far too long.


Hannah said...

I definitely's great to see that people are expressing themselves! I'm grateful for freedom of speech!

Erica said...

Isn't it absurd that a college degree can't get you a job any more? I graduated in Sociology, and when I was looking for a job, there was nothing. So I got a job as a secretary, which turned out being great, but anyone older than 18 could do it. Something does need to change.

North Meets South

Hannah said...

It's more than's just pure craziness! I feel like my whole life all the adults told me that to get ahead I needed a college education...and right now, I'm no better off than I would have been without it. Maybe, in the long run, it'll make a difference (hopefully). I work as a secretary (only ten hours a hardly even a job) at an elementary school -- it's really not so bad, haha!

Twad'dler said...

We are facing the same problem over in the UK. I'm a graduate and have been lucky enough to find a job but when i look back at the class i graduated with, not everyone has had the same fortune. We are all falling on hard times, but it's good to see that some people are expressing their disgust at the injustice that shines through that little bit more at times like this.

Courtney B said...

The sad thing is... people WANT to hire those without college degrees. Seriously, I believe companies are looking for people who they can get away with paying the lowest wage, and who will work for them for a LONG time. It's disgusting.
I'm so glad to see that people are trying to take a stand, because something does need to change!

Hannah said...

It's definitely unfortunate that the whole world is getting affected. Hopefully, with some change, hope and hard work...things will turn around for the better and everyone, no matter where they live, will be better off!

Courtney, I know! It's totally irritating and ridiculous. It makes me wonder why people won't hire me over a more experienced employee though...they can train me however they want to fit their company's goals and pay me less! Sounds like a win-win to me!

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