Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My legs hesitated to stretch to their full height as I stepped out of my car, the humid heat embracing me tightly, after six hours in my stale car air conditioning on Saturday.

During my drive.

Nathaniel and I proceeded to unload our moving truck into our new apartment, and even though he swears it felt like only a half hour, the moments I spent laying on the floor during that nearly three hours felt like a lifetime.

Laying in the midst of the cardboard city in our living room, I silently prayed for one of two small miracles: that the heat wouldn't wipe me out as much as it usually does, or we'd have help unloading our truck.

I started to dose off when I heard Nathaniel laughing outside. Picking myself off the surprisingly comfortable floor, I walked outside to see a big smile on Nathaniel's face as he pushed along our too-heavy-for-me-to-lift-dresser on an industrial dolly cart.

I was confused until I looked up and saw a white-headed, pot-bellied, bare-chested man casually leaning on the railing, a line of smoke rising from the cigarette perched between his fingers. He cheerfully told Nathaniel how useful that dolly had been over the last 20 years.

And then I laughed. A miracle? Maybe, maybe not, but hey, I'll take what I can get.



L!$@ said...

Ahh it's the small things :D

Elaine said...

you definitely do take what you can get! i know moving is tough. we've moved 8x in the last 5 years! yikessss.

Hannah said...

@Lisa -- it really is, isn't it?!

@Elaine -- wow, superwoman!! What has y'all moving so much? Do you have any tricks to make it easier? We really don't have a lot of stuff, but unfortunately I'm not very strong and prone to heat illnesses. So trying to move our few heavy things just the two of us in the 100+ degree weather was a bit tough. But hey, we survived! And by the time we finally got dinner that night and then crawled into bed...it was like heaven!

Kristina said...

I can't believe you are GONE!
I hope OKC takes good care of you!

Hannah said...

@Kristina -- but we'll be back AND your family lives here! Shout at me next time you come to visit. :) And so far, so good...I have an interview today! :D

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! I've been applying for so many jobs - including ones I wouldn't actually want, just in the hope of getting myself some money!

In American Studies we studied, basically, American history, with some more modern cultural things thrown in. And I got to live in Colorado for a year, which was a great part of the course!

Sherms said...

I'm glad you guys arrived safely! I'm dreading moving all my things. I've never moved before...ever! So I've had to part with a lot of things. I refuse to leave my books behind though, it'll just cost me a pretty penny to ship em though xx

Amy said...

glad you got help!

Hannah said...

Shermeen -- thank you! Good luck with your move. :) What your doing will be a WHOLE different ball game than what I'm doing, haha! How will you move your things? Ship them?

Amy -- thank you!

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