Saturday, July 16, 2011

A House or a Home

I wrapped our books and DVDs with saran wrap to save on boxes. Plus a box full of books justs gets so darn heavy. Thank you, Mom, for the brilliant idea!

I started packing up our house for our move that's coming up. I wouldn't call myself a sentimental person, but after I had taken down all our picture frames I had to pause for just a moment. We've spent a year in this house as a married couple, and even though half of that time we've had a roommate (my cousin, Kourt), it's still where we started "us."

With all the decorations packed up in boxes, the bookshelf empty, it feels like just another house and not our home. And despite the strange feeling naked walls gives, I smiled thinking of the range of memories we made here, everything from silly to serious. This is where we started our adventure, but thankfully, the packed up boxes -- our boxes -- mean it's only the beginning.



Unknown said...

Awww!! I know what you mean because I move all the time, but it never fails that things work out how their suppose to! Good luck to you both. You're a beautiful couple!

Hannah said...

I definitely agree! I love looking back on life when you've climbed those mountains of uncertainty. Earlier today I was wondering what a year from now would be like. I love that my guesses will pale in comparison to what reality will end up being! And thank you!

Jess said...

Out of all the times that I have moved I have never just used saran warp for my books. That probably would have been a lot easier for us than using boxes and then them ripping on us.

I don't think that feeling ever leaves you when you move.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your move!
I'm preparing to make a move at the end of the year and I can't even imagine having to pack everything up. It's going to be ridiculous because I AM sentimental and keep everything. I'll have to remember your book idea :D

Sherms said...

Aw, well it will always be your first home together. Will it be strange to think about someone else living in "your home"?

Make sure when you move, you get to know your neighbours! xx

Elizabeth said...

Philip and I know all too well the woes and excitement of moving. It really is a bonding experience, and it probably won't be the last time you do it! My tip is get rid of as much as possible.

Hannah said...

@Jess -- I know! I thought it was brilliant, too. I think it will be something I do EVERY time we move now!

@Picklethis -- Thank you! I have lots more packing ahead of me the next couple of days! Good luck on your move, too. :) Just try to think logically about your sentimental things...some things are really worth keeping, some aren't!

@Shermeen -- Yes, it will always be our first home. The thing is, this house is actually Nathaniel's mom's house, so I'm not sure who else will live in it. She might just move back in or she might sell it. If she moves back in, it won't be all that strange! It's her's after all, haha!

@Liz -- I can only imagine! Y'all are probably pros by now. And I definitely agree on getting rid of as much as makes it so much easier. Thankfully we have VERY little to move...we have a bed but no couch, dresser, etc. So even though we'll have very little in our apartment at first, at least it will make the move quick and virtually pain free!

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