Friday, August 5, 2011

By Any Other Name

When we were little girls, Kourt's brothers and all the boy cousins, used to very rudely call her Kourtney Shnortney. As you can imagine, she didn't like it very much. Strangely enough, when we got older that silly nickname turned into a term of endearment. Nowadays I call Kourtney, Kourt, Korny, my Korny, and of course Kourtney Shnortney. Regardless of what I used to call her, from now on I can happily call her Mrs. G

Happy wedding day (tomorrow), my Korny, I love you!

 At cousin Philip's wedding.

At cousin McKenzie's wedding.

 At my wedding -- all the girl cousins (minus two) and Nathaniel.



Elaine said...

i love nicknames! its funny how we outgrow disliking them to actually loving them when we get older.

happy wedding day to your bff tomorrow!

Sherms said...

I saw some wedding snaps on FB, she looked beautiful!

Are you gonna miss living with her, now that you're gonna be in different states? But I suppose it'll be nice for you and Nathaniel to have your alone time as a newly married couple and Kourtney to have hers.

I never had a nickname until Adam came into my life. Now all of my friends seem to have taken to calling me Sherms as well. Though my MIL likes to call me Shermy Sherms xx

Hannah said...

I will post some here soon, too! I'm workin' on posts for our trip right now!

Yeah, I'll miss her, but at the same time it's nice to be back to just us! It was fun while it lasted though.

Shermy Sherms! That's so cute! My MIL calls me Hannita, haha!

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