Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gold, Rafting, Burgers & Pie

After all the wedding festivities were over, my mom, my brother, Dallas, Nathaniel and I, spent a morning white water rafting on the American River.

We looked a little something like this:


The only thing holdin' you in the tube is your feet shoved under portions of the tube. Which, surprisingly, feels really secure. My butt only flew off the tube a few times; although, by the end of the day my booty was definitely a little tender.

Before we hit the river, we drove up the street to Coloma to see the site where gold was first discovered (eureka!) in California. In the second photo we are standing in front of the sawmill that led to the gold discovery. If you weren't a 4th grader in California, you can read all about gold rush history here.

Before we got in the water. The weather was beautiful, and the water fabulously cold.

After the water.

Again, after.

If you ever happen to be in Northern California in the adorable and beautiful town of Auburn, hit up Ikeda's, a restaurant-market-bakery hybrid, for one of the best burgers ever. Fresh, huge and delicious. Check it out:

And then, after you're stuffed clear full, go to their market and buy a hot, fresh pie to take home:

It was as delicious as it looks -- fresh, wild berry pie.

I was exhausted after the river, and sitting in the sun waiting for food made me even more sleepy. The parking lot in front of Ikeda's was packed, so a lot of the houses near by had "no parking" signs...but this sign won as most straight forward.

Definitely an adventure worth attempting again.



Tina Golightly said...

Wow, that looks like such an awesome day. My boyfriend is from the Sacramento area too, and I used to fly up there every month to do some work, and I always stayed at the Hawthorne Suites that were right by the American River. Sadly, I never went out there to play and explore the river. :(

I think that plays into the fact that every cab driver I had told me about the deaths that happened there every time we drove past it. haha I WILL try white water rafting one of these days though! I just have to! I don't think that's one of the things that I can do in Hawaii...unless Hawaii does have a cool giant river somewhere...

Hannah said...

It was WAY fun! I think the deaths your cab driver was talking about was from people swimming on the river. A lot of them are either drownings are heat related...and usually it's because people aren't educated, not because the river is wild and people-eating! You have to drive up into the foothills to do the rafting...it's definitely worth it! The first time I went I was nervous I'd feel like I was about to die the entire time...but you don't. You actually feel really secure. Plus, it's an awesome ab workout!

It also depends on what stretch of the river you go on and how high the water is. We went on a relatively gentle stretch this time -- we didn't have to wear helmets, so that says something!

There should be plenty of other Hawaii adventures to keep you occupied...maybe ziplining? Kitesurfing? I don't know..never been!

P.S. What city is your BF from? I grew up in Rocklin.

L!$@ said...

That looks like heaps of fun!! :D and those burgers look amazing...and pie! I want pie now too :D

Amanda C. said...

That looks like so much fun. I have only floated a river once, not so much real rafting. I would love to go though.

Hannah said...

Lisa & Amanda...you'll definitely have to try white water rafting if you ever get the chance. It's well worth it! Plus, you burn so many calories doing it you don't feel guilty indulging in calorie-rich food afterwards!

Sherms said...

I am super jealous. That looks like so much fun and those burgers look delish! I am totally a cheese burger girl.

Glad you had fun xx

Hannah said...

Thanks, Shermeen!

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