Monday, October 10, 2011

Bricktown, OKC

I'm back from my week long sabbatical and ready to blog again. But before we get started on my dad's visit...check this out. Moving on...

My dad got in to town Friday afternoon, and after enjoying lunch at our favorite Mexican place in town we headed to Bricktown to enjoy our evening.

Bricktown is the epitome of tourist attraction: there's something for everyone. We saw everything from bachelorette parties, men in their military dress blues, women in cocktail dresses, throngs of pre-teens, and even Jesus-freaks in prayer circles.

There's more than enough to keep anybody entertained for hours including: a tour on the water taxi, enjoying some minor league baseball, cheering on the OKC Thunder, going bowling in style, letting your kids play while you watch a movie, eating way-too-expensive steak at Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse, getting drinks at Coyote Ugly, tasting wine and painting at the same time, or eatting at the only walk-in Sonic.

We obviously didn't do all of that. We did take a few photos of the minor league baseball stadium (it's totally beautiful), and naturally, we took a ride on Nathaniel's boat. 

My dad, the tourist. And the beautiful canal at sunset.

Our handsome tour guide.

On the boat.

We also saw some street performers:

How precious is he?

After our boat tour, my dad and I headed to Earl's Rib Palace for some dinner. The food wasn't totally impressive, but we were satisfied.

I got the dry ribs, and my dad got something...he didn't order. My beans were delicious, and my dad loved his fried okra. 

It'd be easy to say we liked our waiter more than our food. An aspiring musician studying music at The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma , with a Johnny Cash train tattoo...could he get any cooler?

My dad told him he should ditch his studies and become a train engineer...he was only half convinced.

After dinner we roamed back to our car and saw this lovely scene on the way:

All in all a successful evening at Bricktown.


Don't you love Johnny Cash?


Shaneiferd said...

Those animated picture GIFS are so cool. And the city looks amazing! You don't see too many places in America with legit canals and water taxis. What a sweet job that would be.


Hannah said...

Shane, OKC is definitely worth the visit if you're ever in this area of the country! I'm a California girl, my husband is a Miami, FL boy, and we LOVE Oklahoma, if that's sayin' anything! :) And yeah, Nathaniel totally loves his job!

Ballet News said...

LOVE the variety in your post and your fab photos - especially the moving ones !!!!

Sherms said...

I like the animated carriage, it looks so magical. It certainly sounds like there are a lot of cool things to do in your town. Perhaps more than I would have imagined.
I bet you were so happy to have your day with you and I'm sure he's glad to know that you like your new home! xx

Hannah said...

Shermeen, I definitely love Oklahoma City! It's a lot of fun...Bricktown, museums, art galleries, concerts, basketball, baseball, the zoo, all-things University of Oklahoma, tons to's a blast! And yes, it was fun having my dad here!

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