Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012: Highlights

Honestly, 2012 has largely been a blur for me. Let's recap it, shall we, before I lose track of 2013, too.


I wrote story after story and enjoyed a visit from two sets of friends! I got my first real taste of Oklahoma weather, and was deeply touched by a group of local students and their teacher.


We headed to Lubbock to celebrate my only nephew's first birthday, watched my brother jam out with his band, and laughed at the weird books I get in the mail at work. I got a double-dose of Disney, both at work and in Orlando.


I was asked to go to girls camp again and enjoyed a retreat in the wilderness with other leaders. I also enjoyed a delightful, accidental dinner with a perfect stranger while out covering a story.


I soaked up Norman's Farmers Market, experienced a tornado and hope to never experience one again, taught an Easter lesson in Young Womens, and marveled at the strange people that occasionally wander into the newsroom.


May kept me busy with artwork — here and here. We headed to California to celebrate my cousin's wedding and I gifted them a piece of art.


For us, June means birthdays and anniversaries. I turned 23, Nathaniel turned 25 and we celebrated two years of marriage. I also had the most delightful visit with an OU art professor while at work.


I tried my hand at the strangest origami — and failed, officially became a bridesmaid for one of my best friends, enjoyed a week in the wilderness at girls camp, and made my first Child of God artwork and a few more onesies.


My dad came into town, we continued to explore Oklahoma City, and we went on our first family vacation with my cousin Kourtney and her husband. I also went a lil crazy and dyed my hair pink.


Journalism took an interesting turn this month when I saw my first dead body as a reporter. Despite the tragedy of death, we traveled to Lubbock to celebrate the new life of our niece, Mia. Thankfully, I also discovered my heart is still beating. I was also asked to do volunteer public affairs work for my church.


October went by in a total blur, but I did manage to finish some art and help put on an amazing race for a youth activity night.


We took a trip to Dallas to visit our friends and meet the Tovar's new baby Belton. I recalled one of the strangest crime stories I wrote a year ago. Thanksgiving was quiet but I was grateful for Nathaniel for reminding me what's most important. We headed back to Lubbock, again, to be there for our niece's baby blessing.


I was busy making lots of art — here, here and here. I had the best time visiting with Betty and Barry. I attended the Christmas concert I helped do public relations work for, and we enjoyed Christmas in California. We also attended a friend's wedding and had a blast visiting with friends and family.

Whew! Here's to 2013! In the words of my grandad, this year's resolution is: "Be kind, do good work and create joy." I think that about covers it. :)


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