Thursday, February 24, 2011

Attacked by Snakes

I'm currently working on a drawing for my experimental drawing class that is based off of "the Creation" in Genesis i.e. Adam and Eve. The drawing started as just Eve, but after a critique from my class, it has evolved to include several different elements from the'll have to wait to see it though.

Anywho, after our critiques on Tuesday, our teacher, David, gave us a homework assignment: a 30-minute drawing based on the same topic as our current work but with un-traditional mediums.

So I busted out my giant makeup kit.

 And I learned I have a lot of different shades of green eyeshadow.

 Of course...I took some self-portraits à la Eve. Don't judge me -- I'm an artist or something.

The whole time I was making-up my snake, I sang some Aquabats to myself.

Good ol' art class...makin' me do crazy things.


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The DeLeons said...'re hot. And that art is pretty freaking awesome

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