Saturday, February 26, 2011

Creative Juices

Growing up, my grandmother had some cloth dolls around her house she had made -- only one or two that I could play with, but I was always asking for her to get them down for me.

When I was around the age 11, my grandma decided to make every one of her grandchildren a quilt. I knew my turn was coming up, so naturally, I asked for a doll.

I was so thrilled when Grandma gave me my doll. Unfortunately, I've forgotten the name I gave her, but I do remember treating her like the porcelain kewpie doll that hung on Grandma's wall -- delicate and something to be cherished.

This last Christmas when Nathaniel and I were visiting Grandma and Grandad, I told Grandma that I thought I got my "creative juices" from her -- as was evident in her handful of drawings from her youth, and her beautiful dolls, among other things. Grandma replied: "Of course you do!"

Because I had just gotten a sewing machine, I told Grandma how excited I was to start learning a new avenue of creativity. Grandma gave me a huge stash of unused fabric that had been sitting in her closet, and I quickly asked for a copy of the pattern for the doll she had made me.

After my doorbell rang today, I found a package from Grandma on my doorstep, complete with photos of her and her dolls (and even one of me and Kourt with the sock dolls we had made with Grandma when we were wee ones), and of course -- the doll pattern.

My sewing machine has been gathering a little dust as of late, between classes and work and everything else, but I am excited to get to try my hand at some of Grandma's doll.

All I'm saying is...I'm grateful for grandparents with "creative juices." Life wouldn't be quite the same without homemade chocolates and hand sewn dolls.

And Grandma, thank you for encouraging me to develop those juices -- you always have. Between drawing The Little Mermaid step-by-step with me from the "how-to" book, to encouraging me to follow Brett Helquist's footsteps, and sending me doll've made a difference. 

Take a gander at Grandma's work. Amazing, yeah?:



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