Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Officially Not Sucky

Today was cold. Like really, really cold. Like a windchill of 18 below. Awful. But I still drove to work in my old diesel Mercedes. I was a little worried it wouldn't start up again -- and for good reason -- it took a good long while to get it started after work! Naturally, the heating in my car doesn't work. So I drove bundled up in layer after layer, including my ear-flap hat.

Cold snow. And my sweet hat...cause I'm cool.

 It's okay though. It was worth going to work. I went over my "how to train for a triathlon," story with the boss-lady, Shelly. She told me it didn't suck. Which really, is a huge compliment. Actually, she told me my style and grammar was spot-on. She says sometimes it's hit and miss with interns because the sample writings she sees with applications are so edited she never really knows how they can write. Shelly said she could breathe a sigh of relief now because I was actually a good intern. And I thought: Good. I'm glad I don't suck.

Oh, and I got a spiffy, official badge for the newsroom...

I guess they don't want anyone to be confused. I am, in fact, an intern.

Btw, the lady who took my picture for this badge was definitely wearing slippers, like house slippers. It was strange.



Sherms said...

lol! That's great. It's always nice to have your writing complimented by others. Love the ear flap hat! xx

Hannah said...

I know! I was excited...definitely helped to calm my nerves.

Thanks, haha!

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