Friday, February 4, 2011

Mail Delivery

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while but just keep forgetting. What's the deal with the mail service in West Texas?

 A Christmas letter we got from Nathaniel's brother and sister-in-law...completely torn open. We were surprised to see a gift card fall out of it! The question is...whose fault is this? The mail service for handling things so roughly, or the sender for not putting a single card in a heavy-duty box?

 And then this. We drove up to the house and saw two packages hidden under our doormat? I cracked up trying to figure out what the deal was. Any theories? I guess they were trying to hide our package from...thieves? I know when I'm out thieving packages from doorsteps I don't dare touch them if they are covered with a doormat. Obviously.

Oh holiday mail...what will we ever do with you?



Sherms said...

Lol! See, I'm completely different, when I'm out thieving packages from doorsteps I always go for the ones that are covered over with a doormat. That's how you know where all the good stuff is! And if its a doormat as nice as yours...well, it's a done deal. Those packages are leaving with me! lol! That's funny. Over here, if they deliver a package and you're not home, they take it back with them and leave a calling card. And I'm def surprised that the giftcard made it to you! Oh mailmen of America, you don't even get out your car to deliver mail, what is your excuse for ripped letters!? xx

Hannah said...

HAHA! I love hearing your perspective on this!

Natasha said...

That's one of the more hilarious things I've seen. Thanks for sharing.

Hannah said...

Natasha, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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