Friday, August 12, 2011

Kourtney's Green Smokey Bridal Makeup

I did Kourtney's makeup for the day of her wedding, but she was left on her own for her second reception in Texas. So here are her step-by-step instructions on how to get her look. I didn't have her exact eyeshadows, but it was about the can do this look with any four colors: a highlight, a light base, a medium tone, and a dark tone. The other great part is, the amount of drama you'd like is totally dependent on how heavily you apply all the make-up.

What you'll need:
-face makeup, i.e. foundation, coverup, blush, bronzer, powder, etc.
-eyeshadow: a highlight, a light base, a medium tone, and a dark tone.
-eyelash curler
-mascara (preferably water proof)
-several eyeshadow brushes

The brushes I used, and Kourtney's eyeshadow pallet. And yes, we just used good ol' Maybelline!

1. Do your normal face makeup -- foundation, coverup, blush, bronzer, and powder. Curl your eyelashes. If you're doing makeup for a formal setting make sure your face makeup (and eye makeup for that matter) is much heavier than normally. You might think it looks caked on when you look in the mirror, but it will look flawless in photographs. If you're not sure of the right amount, grab a digital camera and take some test shots!
Make sure your blush brush is LARGE. Don't use those tiny little brushes that come with the blush -- your blush will probably turn out streaky and NOT natural looking.

2. Apply the base eyeshadow up to crease on eyelid. On Kourtney's pallet, this was the gold eyeshadow on the bottom left. Note the brush I'm using.

3. Apply your darkest shade from the outside corner of your eye along your crease about 2/3 of the way in to your eye. In Kourtney's pallet, this was the dark green on the top right. Note the brush I'm using.

4. Blend darker eyeshadow with medium tone eyeshadow to soften the look. In Kourtney's pallet, this was the light green on the top left. Note the brush I'm using. Touch up the base color after this if you need to. This look is all about blending!

5. Line upper lash line and lower lash line with darkest eyeshadow. You can use eyeliner if you prefer a more dramatic look. In Kourtney's pallet, this was the dark green on the top right. Note the brush I'm using.

6. The darker eyeshadow will probably fall onto your upper cheeks. The best way to wipe it off without it streaking is to use powder and a big fluffy brush.

7. Highlight inner eye and brow bone with lightest eyeshadow. On Kourtney's pallet, this was the light shadow on the bottom left. Note the brush I'm using.

8. Apply mascara from root to tip. Apply several coats.

 9. For some extra drama, apply fake eyelashes! Pour glue out, dip the tip of one bunch of individual lashes into glue, and apply on outer corner of eyes at base of eyelashes. Apply as many lashes as you'd like. I used two bunches of lashes on each eye. In the last picture I have lashes on the right eye, and none on the left.

10. And...from one eye with falsies to both!

The finished look:




Sherms said...

Hannah, can I come over to yours so you can do my makeup? I'm totally lost. I would love to be able to do a smokey eye, complete with liquid eyeliner. I guess it all takes practice xx

Hannah said...

Um...heck yes you can! It really isn't that hard...just practice and trial and error. Try it without any liner first. Plus, liquid eyeliner is much more tricky than pencil liner or lining w/ eyeshadow.

Tina Golightly said...

Ohhh I love this! You did such a beautiful job! Her hair looks beautiful too, from your earlier posts. :)

Hannah said...

Thanks, Tina! I think I might do a hair-tutorial soon, too!

Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

I try and try to get my eyeshadow just right. I think I'm stuck in a rut from college! LOL! You are such a great friend!

ShaRhonda aka Mrs. Hart from The RHOK

Hannah said...

Practice makes perfect, right?! Also, I think not being scared to look stupid every now and then can help you find looks that really work for you! Good luck :P

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