Monday, September 26, 2011

Creativity: Connie of About Him + Her

Post 16 of HEIA: Creativity

Between Connie's photography, her adorable boys, and the gorgeous parties she throws, I can easily say, without shame, that I've been stocking her blog for awhile now. You'll want to do the same once you read her take on creativity, too -- promise. Read on:

Hi lovely people! My name is Connie and I blog over at About Him + Her, among other places. I'm honored Hannah invited me to guest post for you here this fine day.

Why is creativity important? Oh my where to start. I believe every single person is or can be creative. We are born to create. I've always felt "that" was my favorite thing to do -- so I did it. I did it as far back as I can remember and I do it now. Other than being something we are born to do, I also think creativity is important to practice because it snowballs. The more you sit and use your skills, the more ideas come to mind, the better you become at your skill, and yadda yadda...

it's a great thing. (:

How does creativity affect you? ...Hmmm... how doesn't it?! I think that would be a shorter list. Everything I'm able to create makes me happy and fulfilled. If I stopped using my creativity, I would be pretty boring.

How are you creative? I think I'm able to use my creativity in SO many areas. One thing I love the most is photography. I take a shot and compose it how I want. Boom -- using creativity. Then I take it home and use photoshop to create something even more dramatic and expressive. More creativity! Then there are every day things like -- crafts I undertake or what my kids and I will do that day; like paint each other, have a photo shoot, or plant something. Other ways I use my creativity is when I throw parties, throw an outfit together, or write a song on the piano. I focus mostly on my family and photography these days-- but I've been a pianist since I was a little girl. Art and music is a part of who I am, and I learned that from my family growing up.

Anyways if I could add one more thing... I've heard people say before that they "aren't creative." Baloney!!! You, my friend, certainly ARE. Just create -- whether it's a tangible thing or a memory, you are creating! And that, is a beautiful thing. (: Thanks for having me, Hannah!

P.S. Want to add your voice to the discussion on creativity? E-mail me at hannahmoore2007 at hotmail dot com.


ConnieB said...

Thanks for the compliment by including me in your creative people posts! Have a great week, darlin!

Kayleigh said...

I agree! Everyone is creative in some way or another. I love her photographs! <3

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