Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creativity from Yours Truly: Creative Space

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When we were still living in Lubbock, Nathaniel bought me a desk to put in our bedroom so he could confine my art/craft/sewing mess to one spot. It didn't work very well, but it was a considerate thought. I loved that he wanted me to have a space of my own, especially because I've told him over and over how I dream of having my own "studio" some day -- just a room in our house where I can draw, paint, craft, sew, blog and read books. It was his way of giving me that.

In our new apartment in Oklahoma, I set my desk up in our living room behind our crappy little futon. It's right next to this built-in bookcase that holds all my art supplies and craft stuff. I love it because anything and everything I need to be creative is right there -- paper, pallets, ink, pens, colored pencils, brushes, scissors, baby onesies, paint, fabric, my sewing machine... It's perfect.

My desk, wall and bookshelf of supplies.

I must admit I am a creature of habit, so having my own space helps me stay in some kind of routine. Because I never have to completely put away my things (like under the bed where my supplies used to live), I find it much easier to create more often than I used to.

Plus, having a wall of art work and a desk and bookshelf full of supplies is a big glaring reminder that I need daily creative practice.

This is my space. And the answer is yes, I totally love myself. Don't hate.

Anyways, I told you guys before that I think it's important to record your creativity as well as practice and work at it. I really think having your own space is an effective reminder of both. If you have your own space, you'll remember to sit, ponder and record your thoughts and ideas. If you have your own space, you'll be encouraged to actually do something instead of just thinking about.

I know all of us can't necessarily literally have our own space, but all of us can make our own time. Set aside a little time every day, even if it's just driving in silence to work or taking special note of things you observe on your walk to class, to encourage creativity within yourself. Even if it's just 10, 15 or 30 minutes...something is better than nothing. And if you put in the time (or space) every day, something brilliant is sure to happen sooner or later.

Do you have your own space? What do you do in it? Do you make your own time? How do you use your time?


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Anonymous said...

I love it! As Virginia Woolf once said, a woman must have a room of one's own! One day, I plan to have a room of my own for reading, scrap booking, etc...and it will have a full wall of just bookshelves for ALL my books, even the ones from HS, and dark hardwood floors, with a desk in the corner, and a windowseat. And just for looks I want one of those cute rolling ladders for the bookshelves, just like in Beauty and the Beast! haha, not like I've given this any thought or anything!

Sherms said...

I don't have much space for anything right now. Hopefully one day I can create my own little corner. I did put my creative stamp on things before but now I'm downsizing in a big way. Hopefully when I get settled somewhere with the husband I can. I love your corner though. And how can you love someone else if you first can't love yourself xx

Hannah said...

Haha! Tay, that last part totally made me laugh out loud! It's my dream, too, though...a library/workshop/reading nook ALLLLL my own! A girl can dream, right?! And I totally should have quoted Virginia Woolf in my post...silly me.

Shermeen, soon enough you will be settled enough to have your own space! And yes, I totally agree!

Kayleigh said...

I cant wait until we build our second bedroom so i can make it into my own workspace. The apartment that we live in is so small and everything feels so cluttered.

p.s. i love your workspace! <3

Hannah said...

Ohhh, Kayleigh that's way exciting! You'll have to post photos of your completed space when it's complete. :)

And thank you! :D

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