Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's talk about OKC

Alright, people, for some reason when I say "Oklahoma" to my California friends they all wrinkle their noses. But let's be real -- Oklahoma is awesome (I'll even admit I like it better than Texas, but sshhhh, I don't admit that to my Texan friends). Alright, maybe I haven't seen the entire state, but what I have seen, experienced, and even tasted, has been fabulous.

First and foremost, for 5 bucks you can enjoy an evening at the ballpark watching the Oklahoma City Redhawks. Of course, it would have been much nicer if we weren't sitting in the middle of a ridiculous heat wave...but what can ya do? It was a good time anyways.

We were literally the only people in the grass section until an usher came and told us we didn't need to bake in the sun with so many seats open.

And while you're down in Bricktown, get some New York style pizza and garlic knots from Falcone's Pizzeria & Deli. The pizza wasn't my favorite (Nathaniel loved it), but the knots...oh dear...crunchy on the outside and melt-in-the-mouth on the inside, and of course, hello garlic!

Da. Lish.

Of course, I can't forget...Nathaniel works at the Bricktown Water Taxi. I must admit, I've never been on his tour, but rumor has it he sings this song for his guests:

I love my Cuban. :)

He'd also love if you left him some tips for the lovely song...

All that time on the boat has left him with a real good taaaan.

If you make your way down to Norman, you'd naturally have to tour OU's campus, and after you've worked up an appetite, you could hit up one of two delicious Mexican joints:

Pepe Delgados is right across from campus in Campus Corner. Unfortunately, we had to order the chips as a side, but the chips were thick and fresh and came with three different types of salsa. The salsa wasn't very impressive, but once our food came, I was already excited for a second visit.

Quesadilla from Pepe's...holy-crap-good. Have you ever seen a quesadilla like that?! Oh, and salsa!

Tarahumaras wasn't quite as close to campus, and the prices were a little high. They made up for it with large proportions (even for the lunch menu), fabulous beans and rice, perfect salsa, and complimentary chips, salsa, nacho cheese, tortillas, and sopaipillas.

One of two of my giant chicken flautas from Tarahumaras. The beans and rice were good, too, apparently.

I love Oklahoma. I won't force Hugh Jackman's beautiful voice and face on you this time, though -- I'd hate to get that stuck in your head, too.



Wal Mart is still Wal Mart, even in Oklahoma...how comforting:

Alright...who stole the brown egg?!


Sherms said...

Oh dear that video was so funny! Your husband is so sweet for letting you record and post that, no way Adam would be so kind!

I'm glad you like it there but oh my goodness that's a lot of food! And thank you, as much as I like Hugh Jackman, I don't want Oklahoma stuck in my head! xx


Mila said...

I now want garlic pizza. YUMM!

Megan said...

Wow! I was there that night that video was taken. It makes me want to ride the water taxi in Bricktown just for an encore performance.

Tina Golightly said...

That all looks so delicious; you made me hungry!

I'm totally craving garlic knots now. :(

Faith McKay said...

oh god, I love garlic! I love how this post is basically like, come on, OK is awesome, because we have good food. COME EAT!

Hannah said...

Shermeen: Well...truth be told, he didn't necessarily give me permission...soooo, he still might not be thrilled. But it's funny! I must admit, we laugh a whoooole lot! The best part is...there is MORE food to come! And you're welcome.

Mila: I want some, too! :)

Megan: It feels like so long ago, but I'm glad I caught the tail-end on video! Also, I totally don't blame you.

Tina: I know, I know!!

Faith: Me toooo! And yes, you're totally right...that might be my fault though...I'm in Oklahoma...and I like food. What can I say?

Amanda C. said...

That food looks amazing!

Kristina said...

I had 3 different comments I wanted to leave and couldn't decide on just one, so I've listed them all here.

1. let's talk about food, bay-bee! let's talk about O-K-C.

2. you can't judge all of texas based on just lame ol' lubbock (shhhhh, I don't admit that to my lubbock friends)

3. Looks like you guys are having a great time. I will remain jealous.

Hannah said...

Bahahaha...Kristina, that made me laugh out loud! I should change the title to that...SO perfect!

Also, I've been to Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Amarillo and Houston...and still not a big fan!

Aaaaand...you could always come play with us!

Hilary said...

That mexican food looks amazing.

And so do you! I'm sorry I haven't answered your email. We will talk soon.

Love you!

Hannah said...

Twin, it was deeeelicious! And it's okay. Love you, too!

Kathleen said...

Oklahoma IS awesome!! I'm glad you guys are here!

Hannah said...

Thanks, Kathleen! Us too! We're excited to see and do more!

Mal said...

Oklahoma is the best! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I live in Edmond, so I'm not that far away!


Hannah said...

Hooray for Oklahoma! We're doing the state fair next! :)

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